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Berlin5: Open Access

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Berlin5 Open Access Photo

Photo of the event, click with the right mouse button > View Image (depends on the browser) to save the image or view the image address (for blogging or web pages).

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ESF Workshop

Shared responsibilities in sharing research data : Policies and Partnerships : An ESF - DFG workshop in the frame of the Berlin 5 Conference

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European Union & European Community Policies (Chair: Jens Vigen)

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Open Access in Developing Countries (Chair: Subbiah Arunachalam)

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Open Access in the Humanities and Social Sciences: Panel (Chair: Jean Kempf)

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Transition to the Golden Road - Models, Experiences, Criticism (Chair: Johannes Fournier)

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Status Reports by Signatories Berlin Declaration (Chair: Christoph Bruch)

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Opening Keynote Speech (Chair: Frederick Friend)

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Opening Addresses and Local Authorities Welcome (Chair: Laura Tallandini)

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Open Issues in Open Access (Chair: Renato Bozio)

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